[prod. by jacob hutto]
{mixed by nathan original}

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it doesnt even matter anymore
as the warm blood splatters on the floor
bugs gather at the door
hands in the air cause the cancers in the soil
ensnared in hair as the blood begins to boil
boy you aint gonna make it out alive unless you loyal
lookin like you run and hide when its time to fight
pick a side better stay inside if you scared to die
hitch a ride cause the end is nigh devil is a lie

everything in life is a scam

i see through the bullshit like a hot knife cuts a ham
but i also once left a good woman for a bitch i aint even know
i just liked her pics on the gram
woah end of the day i am a man
no i cannot be fake sam i am
yo if you wanna be less than a hunnid with me
ill gladly send you to the sun to get a tan
swearin up and down that you out here in the streets
but you paler than a clown and now you flush in the cheeks
weak i should make you eat your fuckin teeth
creep in your sanctum knife you in your sleep
reap everything you sow is mighty cheap
but on the internet its hard to know a wolf from sheep
keep your distance if you dont wanna get dogged out
i promise you im not the one you wanna have a fallout with
snip snip quicker than an itchy tag
its a fair game but you blame it on the lag

so pathetic

you shouldve made sure everything on your end was copacetic
but you already said it and this isnt reddit so you cant edit
your best bet is to delete it before i read it
which i already did and im undefeated
you cant get under my skin cause i never needed
any protection from a lesser human being
a peasant can never fathom the stresses of a king

give me the ring

where did the years go i wonder
oh i wonder
pressures they pull me down under
down under
one day ill be chose by thunder
oh by thunder

i speak when i want

you speak when youre spoken to
yea you might look kinda stout but you weak like sokoudjou
bring my predator mask out im bout to choke a few
innocent onlookers for lookin like they know the dude
show a few inklings of respect when you sign my check
unless you want me to slice your neck with the guillotine
cut the cheese as i walk away its nothin to say

this is every day

and i dont even call em no more they just be at my door
askin for autographs and pics and to sign tits
and kids
and i dont really benefit but who am i to burst bubbles
i just put on a smiling purge mask and her troubles
fade away quicker than my innocence did
sprouted expeditiously i was a sinister kid
doubted everything id see that escaped my fingertips
til i had it in my grasp

you never get nowhere from sittin on your ass

unless youre driving i guess
im really trying my best
to hold back my laugh at your lack of success
i know we all start somewhere but your shit is stressed
and youve been at it some years now and still havent progressed
i really do wish you nothing but the best
but you aint have to drown you chose to forego the vest



from Progression [Prod. by Jacob Hutto], track released February 14, 2017



all rights reserved


nathan original San Antonio, Texas

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occasional rapper/singer

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